"PS3 too expensive," 88 percent say, as Wii dominates Japan

Ouch the PS3 is expensive - 88% of Japanese gamers agree with me.

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March of the Penguins

Went to see March of the Penguins at the theatre today. Quite a good documentary really.

It gave me a Linux analogy - male penguins stand there after having not eaten for four months, standing in minus 60 degree temperatures with winds of over 160km/h, with another 120km to walk after to find food, and yet they survive. Linux is like that, it survives practically anything.

Imagine a Windows penguin - dead after only a week without food, can only survive down to minus 30, knocked over by 50km/h winds ... you get the picture.



I've got an IBSN! (blog serial number)

I have an IBSN (International Blog Serial Number) now. Doesn't seem particularly useful, but it's fun :)



My first accepted Slashdot story


Lego's releasing the Mindstorms NXT firmware source code and specs, which is making me very likely to buy one.

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