Compets and a game review - Crack Attack!

Crack Attack! Just found this game on my system today. It's quite addictive and can get very very hard. It is sort of like Tetris, except the blocks come from the bottom. Your aim is to get rid of as many blocks as possible by swapping them with the one next to it. This would be a great subgame for Compets, except I think it uses OpenGL. I'll try anyway. Compets Anyway, more on Compets - I have so far got three responses from my SF ad for a C++ programmer, but still none for an artist/graphic designer. Currently I am still working out how to use the ParaGUI library callbacks and other things like that. Most of my effort is in the C++ GNU/Linux client and the PHP server. I have done 85-90% of the coding changes for the Splash Attack subgame and I am looking for an artist for the GFX and levels. The PHP server is based on a 'command factory' model from the book PHP Game Programming by Matt Rutledge. In the second-last chapter, he discusses making an MMO using commands that are all extensions of a base class called CCommand. This seems to work quite well and provides an easier way for recovery through a rollback system. So far I have got a system that allows you to sign up, then sends you an activation code through the email, and allows you to activate and log in. I have also got some graphics borrowed off CrystalSVG. The client is starting to come together. The ParaGUI library seems quite capable and reasonably easy to use. The XML layout files are very easy to use and you can then attach functions as callbacks. One question I have though - is there any easy way to detect a network connection through SDL_net? Because when the internet connection is down, the system 'freezes' up when it is really only waiting for a response from a server that doesn't exist. Andrew

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