Several very annoying things

These annoying things are all somehow related.

1. School. Tomorrow. Moral of the story: two weeks is never enough.

2. Chemistry assignment. Researching metals. Due Friday, this Friday. Around 10% complete.

3. Several weeks of distance ed work to catch up on for software design and development.

4. Broken ADSL modem. Overheating, dropping connection every minute or two. Buying new D-Link modem tomorrow.

Now of course 2 and 3 become harder because of 4. Warning: Do not buy Netcomm modems, especially not NB5580W models. They are a risk to your safety and a fire hazard. And they tend to fail sporadically because of the overheating. A friend of mine has to switch his modem off every night because the heat causes problems the next day.

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