Where did the .root TLD come from? (Part 2)

Ever heard of the .root TLD? For those who haven't, visit this blog post by Karl Auerbach.

For those who have, I've done some research and found something quite interesting.

dig vrsn-end-of-zone-marker-dummy-record.root in any no longer returns a result. .root is no longer there apparently.

But look at the last few lines of the InterNIC root zone file.

From http://www.internic.net/zones/root.zone:

L.EU.DNS.BE. A P.NIC.EU. A VRSN-END-OF-ZONE-MARKER-DUMMY-RECORD. TXT plenus ;File end: -19353 ;End of file: 2006042401

Now read the third line carefully. What the heck? Who authorised this?

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